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  • Raise $1.5 Million in a capital campaign by the end of 1998.
  • Build a new preschool facility to better meet community demand and accommodate up to fifty children, ten teachers and administrative staff.
  • Build a family language resource center - a multi-use building and media center to accommodate after-school immersion instruction, evening adult language classes and other activities for community language-based programs.
  • Complete and open the new facilities by the end of 1999.
  • Offer nationally-accredited early childhood education in Hawaiian to children 3-5 years of age regardless of ethnic background.
  • Offer family-strengthening programs and classes based on Hawaiian values to preschool families and the community at large.
  • Provide a multi-use facility for the Maui community to use in programs that foster the Hawaiian language and culture.

To preserve and perpetuate the Hawaiian language and culture on Maui by creating a new generation of native speakers.



Provide the Maui community with a state-of-the-art early childhood education facility and language resource center where the Hawaiian language will be fostered and valued within the entire family and the community at large.





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